Jemma Millen Ceramics

Jemma Millen

  • 5 Harmin Park Glengormley
  • Newtownabbey
  • Co. Antrim
  • BT36 7UR
  • Northern Ireland


Using traditional hand-building techniques, Jemma crafts unique, sculptural forms from Ming Porcelain. Hugely influenced by her natural surroundings and key events in life, Jemma has a passion for making, driven by a need to learn. Her work mostly derives from the medical, a strong curiousity of Jemma's she integrates this into her practice alongside the influence of memories, specifically ones of her Dad and the ones he has lost. The decline and process of his dementia captivated her from his diagnosis in 2006. "I believe each piece of ceramic I make to be a memory. The materiality of clay reflects this perfectly; for once clay becomes ceramic from firing, it cannot be reversed to clay again. The clay has lost its chemical memory, mimicking how the brain cannot regenerate those lost memories. To own a piece of ceramic is to find a lost memory, whether our own or another's."

  • Discipline Ceramics
  • Products Handbuilt forms, Sculptural, Non-Functional, Decorative, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Ornaments
  • Materials Porcelain, Lustre, Clay, Decal, Glaze
  • Made Local Yes