Suzette Demicoli


The Farrow Collection is born out of our wish to create a platform that brings forward quality crafted products to our customers; products that are made with passion and thoughtfulness. We produce eco-friendly, vegan friendly and sustainable candles, wax melts and reed diffusers. We are very conscious of the materials we use to make up our products. We also make sure our raw materials are sourced from well-established suppliers who are much attuned to working sustainably. This is a key component in our business' philosophy and we intend to develop this further by creating features in our products that allow our customers to re-purpose them

  • Discipline Candle Making
  • Price Range Under €25
  • Products Candles Wax Melts Reed Diffusers Natural Airfresheners
  • Materials Natural biodegradable wax Vegan friendly and paraben free fragrance oil Natural wood wicks Lead free cotton wicks Vegan friendly diffuser base oil
  • Work Available From